For Shoppers

Why Shoppers Choose Advanced Payment Solutions

APS has several payment products that help shoppers make purchases from retailers in a safe, convenient manner without the need of a major credit card. We help retailers by supporting these payment products through our customer service, billing, and collection expertise. The following a brief description of some of the product types we provide:


EZ Pay allows you to make purchases at thousands of retail locations and repay them over time, based on your pay schedule. Most businesses or retailers will ask you to pay them an initial deposit when you shop and the remaining balance is then paid off through direct debits to your bank account on your pay day. You can be pre-approved for EZ Pay by clicking here.

Private Label or Co-Branded Cards

Many retailers offer private label debit or credit cards to customers that have specific credit terms. APS supports these cards by reviewing the applicant’s credit worthiness, issuing a card, processing transactions, and performing the associated account billing and customer service efforts.  


TouchPay allows you to link a bank account to your fingerprint or cell phone number to make purchases quickly and securely. When a purchase is made, you’ll receive an SMS message so you can confirm the transaction prior to billing thereby avoiding any possible fraud.


CheckThru allows members to write checks and have them electronically debited from their account on a specific date in the future such as their next scheduled payday. This helps them avoid overdraft fees and budget more effectively.