About Us

About The Company

Advanced Payment Solutions is committed to creating more purchasing opportunities between qualified buyers and sellers, reducing payment processing costs, and developing faster, more secure payment mechanisms for both on-line and in-person transactions.

Over the past 20 years credit card acceptance has permeated into every retail sector while interchange fees continually increased. Merchants not only incur the interchange cost, but they also bear almost all of the expenses associated with fraud and other chargebacks. APS recognizes this injustice and offers alternative programs that operate securely, without interchange fees. In addition, APS programs provide great marketing benefits unavailable with third party credit cards. Finally, APS products can be easily integrated into any existing loyalty program. Therefore, APS solutions are win-win programs that benefit CFO’s, marketing departments, and customers.

APS also recognizes the challenges of cash transactions. However, in today’s economic and geopolitical environment, many individuals are underbanked, underemployed, or otherwise disadvantaged from making routine purchases using traditional electronic methods.  APS private label products are an excellent opportunity to enable those customers to pay with a card while creating brand loyalty. When a customer carries a card, they feel like a member of a team – especially if some form of credit is extended and attached to the card.

APS has extensive expertise in credit, collections, transaction processing, banking, and account management having served the merchant community since 1978.